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StarOffice 3.1 for OS/2 second International Beta available

Star Division is proud to announce the beta II of StarOffice 3.1 for OS/2 International for the languages English, French, Dutch, Italian and Spanish.

StarOffice 3.1 is the revolutionary suite of office productivity applications containing StarWriter 3.1 (word processor), StarCalc 3.1 (spreadsheet), StarDraw 3.1 (graphics and presentation package), StarImage 3.1 (image manipulation) StarChart 3.1 (bar-, pie- and other charts). It offers much more features than traditional office productivity suites.

StarOffice contains a complete WYSIWYG HTML editor that allows drag&drop between the bookmark window and the edit window and offers upload capabilities for the pages via HTTP and FTP. It supports HTML 3.0, Netscape Plug Ins and other leading-edge technologies.

StarOffice makes heavy use of common code in shared libraries (60 percent), therefore using few resources compared to its functionality and offering high consistence across the applications.

StarOffice is based on the platform independent Solar Technology and is being developed for OS/2, Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.x, Apple Macintosh, Unix and Linux. All document formats are compatible. No filters are required.

Download Information
The beta II of StarOffice 3.1 for OS/2 can be downloaded soon from the Hobbes' archives at ftp://hobbes.nmsu.edu/os2/demo. Until then please check out the ftp://hobbes.nmsu.edu/pub/incoming directory first. This version works without any limitations until 31.12.1996, after this date it will change to a demo version.

File Names
English (US) Version:
so31us2a.zip - so31us2l.zip
Dutch version:
so31nl2a.zip - so31nl2m.zip
French version:
so31fr2a.zip - so31fr2m.zip
Italian version:
so31it2a.zip - so31it2m.zip
spanish version
so31sp2a.zip - so31sp2m.zip

Pricing and Availability of the Full Version
The international full version of StarOffice for OS/2 will be available in the first quarter of 1997. The pricing will be announced later. To receive regular news concerning the international version of StarOffice for OS/2 please send an email with the subject "OS2" to us.

Star Division GmbH
Founded in 1985, Star Division is a German software development company located in Hamburg, Germany. Star Division produces StarOffice for several platforms (MS-Windows 3.x, MS-Windows 95, OS/2, Apple Macintosh, various Unix variants such as Solaris, Sinix and Linux) and a platform-independent C++ class library, StarView, which also forms the base for the StarOffice applications.